Welcome to The Relationship Bridge.













Before you love the world, first you have to love yourself.










A life coach to take you across the bridge to self-discovery










A London life coach that works with people across the world










Welcome to The Relationship Bridge.













Before you love the world, first you have to love yourself.










Join me on an adventure as we cross the bridge together.










Start living authentically and joyfully in the present.










Welcome to my site, The Relationship Bridge. 

I’m Chrysa Koropouli and I am a London Life Coach that works with people all over all the world. However I do much more than coach about life. I want to help you completely rewire your consciousness, so you see and experience the world differently – with profound joy and a whole new map. As we cross this bridge, I’ll help you find love, abundance, career, and the life you dream of. I hope you’ll discover a very different breed of life coach.

But finding your best relationship with the world starts with the relationship with yourself. Before you live your dreams, first you have to love yourself. The Relationship Bridge starts here.

The Relationship Bridge is the bridge between your old world and your new world. It’s safe transport across the swirling straits of fear and uncertainty that characterise the world right now. I’m a life coach that gives you that certainty not by promoting new theories or whacky strategies, but by tapping into UNIVERSAL LAWS that have existed since the ancient times. It’s about a new normal rooted in joy.

You’ll be crossing The Relationship Bridge. It’s like biting into a rainbow. It’s that transformational, that uplifting, that exciting. 

I’ll help you build faith, knowledge and the practical tools you will need on your life journey. You’ll be listened to, you’ll be understood. Experience empathy, and absolutely no judgement. I’ll get you across the bridge safely, and we will have fun too.

“Experience empathy and absolutely no judgement.”

Chrysa Koropouli.

What I offer as a London life coach is different to traditional therapy or counselling. It enables deep, profound transformation, but in a very simple, human way. It allows you to feel the change, make the change, be the change.

Perspective is a huge part of finding your right life. How can you find a partner who is really what they seem? How can you avoid encountering a continuous series of ‘Groundhog Day’ financial mishaps? How can you come to terms with your upbringing and truly move on with forgiveness, compassion and love? The answers to these and a thousand other questions will emerge as you cross The Relationship Bridge. 

Travel with Chrysa as your life coach.

“Love is the greatest show in town.”

Chrysa Koropouli.

When we work together, you’ll find each interaction brings more momentum and movement, you will begin to see and feel the shift happen before your eyes. You will be left feeling energised and realigned with yourself. It’s empathetic, it’s warm. There’s no guilt or shame. Negativity melts away. Life shifts. I’m a life coach but not as you’ve known before.

Where will we meet? The Relationship Bridge isn’t locked into a single place or time. We can meet on Zoom, FaceTime,  any video or audio app, online or face to face. We can discuss your newsflashes on WhatsApp. We can make happiness a walk in the park. Literally. Or meet in a café. Or you can be the other side of the world. Wherever, whenever, The Relationship Bridge is always in play.