Below is a selection of some of the programmes I have developed for previous clients.  I hope they give you an idea of the range of ways in which I can help.

If one particularly appeals to you, that’s great.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to choose one. Because everything I do is bespoke, tailor-made. 

I listen to you, take in your particular challenges, and then create a programme that’s entirely based around you and your world.

Loving the New Normal:
Thriving Post Covid

Career: living your brand

Self Relationship Reboot

I. Am. Done. Be a Spartan

How to be single successfully

I’ll be your break up buddy

Jumping the curve

E.I. in the age of A.I.:
Career Coaching

Be your own superhero

Walking therapy:
Joy is a walk in
the park

Why have happiness
when you can have joy?

How to be a man

Trigger Free Living

Emotional Samsonite

How to stay a woman

Your programme