1 to 1 Retreats.

There are a lot of retreats out there. Maybe you’ve done a few.

I try to do them differently.

I only do them ‘one to one’. That’s me and you.

Very occasionally I’ll do a retreat with a couple or two best friends, but two clients is the absolute max. Why?

Well, even in a group of ten or fifteen, group dynamics cut in. You get ‘leaders’ and ‘followers’. Identical solutions and themes are discussed around ten or fifteen very different lives.

So I find 1 to 1 one gets profound, life-changing results. You get privacy, confidentiality, trust and an utterly bespoke programme and experience.

I hold the retreats in Mystras, in Greece, a place where nature rules and where the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds is at its thinnest.

High in the wild Peloponnese in the Taygetos mountains, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mystras has a castle, a cathedral and a tangible sense of magic. For centuries, it has been the scene of amazing transformations.

“Mystras has a castle, a cathedral and a tangible sense of magic. For centuries, it has been the scene of amazing transformations.”

Chrysa Koropouli.

When people first see it, their breath is taken away. You feel like at any moment Apollo or Artemis could appear by your side.

On the retreat, as we talk and work on your life and dreams, we can walk amongst the temples and artefacts, following in the footsteps of ancient Byzantines, Ottomans, Venetians and of course the Spartans (my ancestors!)

We can stop in secret glades or take in the life-affirming views from hillside temples. We can do whatever you want. Even have a cheeky coffee in a charming kafenion in the town itself.

We can swim together, stretch together, clamber on the rocks together.

I’ll take you to a clarity you’ve never known before.

“It’s amazing how revealing it can be sharing your life as you float in the Greek sea.”

Chrysa Koropouli.

As the days progress, we’ll work towards you falling back in love with yourself. Just like you were when you came into the world. There will be structure and goals and bespoke tools I create just around you, but it won’t feel like hard work.

We’ll do some intense emotional enjoyneering, and create a new future, and build the bridge that will take you there. Your very own Relationship Bridge.

Like everything I do, these retreats are utterly bespoke; they’re all about you.

In Mystras, for instance, you can have your accommodation from seriously luxurious to, well, almost Spartan.

 Mystras boasts a 7-star Spa that’s one of the finest (and newest) in Europe. It also has a five-star resort hotel. Or it has a friendly local hotel that’s basic but super-friendly and all you really need. It’s entirely up to you.

It’ll be an emotional quest,
but it’ll also be FUN.

Chrysa Koropouli.

To me, the perfect retreat is a long weekend, Friday to Monday, perhaps bracketed with a travel day at each end. Four days working together in continuum, is intense, profound, and literally a revelation. One long revelation about yourself.

Before you go, we’ll have done the key preparation work, so we know exactly the ground you need to cover.

You don’t have to worry about a thing. I arrange it all. In Greece, I speak the language fluently. I know the taxi driver who’ll take us to the sea. The owners of the tavernas. The lady who sells the best pastries in Mystras.

And while I’ve no doubt it’ll be an emotional quest, it’ll also be FUN. I’ve long believed that coaching or therapy that is continuously serious robs itself of a very major human dimension, the fun dimension. I’ll make sure we go there as well.

After the Retreat, I will share a detailed report, covering all the key themes and all the tools we shared and worked on together, so you can always get back to that clarity.








How much does it cost?

Well because it’s bespoke, there’s a big variance between top and bottom. So we work out the budget together. The costs, including my fee for the trip, are utterly transparent.

Is it worth it?

Well if you feel your life is blocked around relationships, or money, or career, or your family, or all of them together (or something quite different!), then paying about the same as a long-haul beach holiday in an exotic resort will give you an experience that’s truly transformational.

You might not get the Pina Colada sunset (although Mystras sunsets are legendary!) but you will get something infinitely more memorable, valuable – and lasting. It’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

If you’d like to talk about potentially going on a 1 to 1 with me to Mystras, drop me a line by clicking here, and we can start to make it happen. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.