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“Chrysa provides person centred support and care to an extent that I have never experienced prior to meeting her.

She is able to understand human emotion and behaviour with a depth that is of the highest calibre.

She has emotional intelligence and provides such warmth towards her clients that you feel you have somebody with the qualifications, skill, life experience and tenacity guiding you.

I have never felt supported in this way before. She has helped me to reflect on my childhood in a way that is safe and provided me with various tools to manage difficult days. She has supported me to overcome childhood trauma and works with my daily in ensuring I prioritise my wellbeing.

She has such a positive outlook. Since the day I met her I honestly feel that there is nothing that I cannot overcome.

I am often the person guiding and supporting others whether that is in my professional or personal life. Rarely do I find somebody capable enough to explore my needs and help me to become a better version of myself. I sometimes think to myself that I must have done something good in this world to have been guided towards such a rare and wonderful human being.

She has helped me in the following areas: my faith, my childhood, my fitness, self esteem, relationships (personal & professional), facing inner fear and childhood abuse. I have laughed, cried and celebrated with Chrysa. I have shared good news, bad news and celebrated huge milestones with her. I feel someone so capable and kind has my back.

I would highly recommend Chrysa’s services specifically in the form of one to one support. I feel it has changed the quality of my life. She is extremely compassionate offering the highest level of empathy genuinely providing long term support to those who require it.

Thankyou for all your support Chrysa.

Social Worker





testimonials life coach


“Chrysa’s almost magical appearance in my life was (unbeknownst to me at the time) the beginning of a journey of self­understanding and healing that has completely changed who I am – for the better. Her unlimited empathy, keen understanding of what makes all of us (as well as individually) tick, and a genuine desire to guide you to create a path that is truthful to your essence, have helped me discover a new outlook on what is important in life, a greatly expanded understanding of who I really am, and the courage to walk a more authentic path – the best gift of all. I could not be more thankful.”


Artist & Lawyer



testimonials life coach

“Meeting Chrysa has truly changed my life and I can say that Chrysa taught me how to live life.

She has the ability to understand your soul, and patiently leads you to get to understand it too, at your own pace.

Through her I managed to learn so much about myself, to unveil a lot of truths that were covered and to find clarity
and peace.

We have been working together for few years now and the process I went through with her is just priceless.”

Oil Executive





testimonials life coach


“The first session with Chrysa is a matching of energies and my energy has found its soulmate. I’m now convinced she finds you and not the reverse. Once overwhelmed with anxiety and unable to enjoy any real quality of life, I remember coming to Chrysa desperate for a solution that no one else seemed to be able to offer me. I was out of a job and unable to do virtually anything independently. One of her first triumphs was introducing routine and structure into my life (to think one of my goals used to be getting up to boil an egg!) Fast forward three years, I’m now managing my own superstore pharmacy, in a house I own and I’m already looking forward to what’s next. In her sessions expect to learn more about yourself, grow as a human being and flourish into something beyond your wildest expectations. Fairy godmother, guardian angel, superhuman – whatever you choose to call her she’ll never fail to deliver. Thank you Chrysa…even though thank you will never be enough.”





testimonials life coach

“If Chrysa can’t help you, no one can. Beginning with our first meeting I felt a renewed positive energy and sense of purpose. Chrysa is truly gifted in asking the right questions and readjusting your inner compass. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Film & Television Producer




testimonials life coach

“I was introduced to Chrysa by my mum (who also works with her, which helps Chrysa understand our relationship more). She has helped me so much in my toughest times and also in good ones. She’s so understanding and kind, I never feel judged by her and the interpersonal way she provides therapy is extremely comforting and warm, I couldn’t imagine ever doing it another way now! Her knowledge is so broad, bridging spirituality with science and psychology and tailoring the balance to your needs. Also she’s really funny and recommends good chick flicks. I love working with her and would recommend her to anyone.”

University Student and Artist




testimonials life coach

“I’ve not been “lucky”, in fact “truly blessed” to meet Chrysa. She taught me, “Luck implies it’s by accident and you are not a deliberate creator and that you don’t deserve all the beauty and truth”. This little lesson on its own, has already turned so many big lights on on my journey to self-awareness and joy.

First time I met her, I could immediately feel a huge amount of energy and consciousness that came with her. I needed some time to get myself mentally ready to go with it before getting back to her as I knew a new chapter and lots of shifts were about to start in my life. Here we go, it’s been two years since that first spark and I’m somewhere totally different from where I was – geographically, emotionally and at soul level.

I couldn’t have done a bigger favour to myself than keep working with her. I can’t ever thank Chrysa enough but sending her heartfelt love and appreciation every single day.”


Teacher, life player, crazy mum, rebellious student, author, damn good chef

testimonials life coach


“Chrysa has really helped me during an uncomfortable awakening during the pandemic of covid 19. A great listener and friend I immediately felt I could trust her from her open loving energy and she helped me see universal truths and aligning with them on a seat at the table of love. I highly recommend for anyone looking to lead a balance fulfilled wholesome life. Thanks for offering a new perpspective.”


Entrepreneur and creative





testimonials life coach


“Organic, powerful, dynamic, vibrant and mystical.These are the words that would summarise the experience I have had since working with Chrysa. She has an innate ability to understand a person’s essence and clear a person’s lens and pathway with a natural, nurturing and compassionate approach. Sessions are insightful and she is always present and supportive, with a positive and fresh approach. Chrysa has helped me to improve the relationship with myself enormously on many levels, with a safe and trustworthy and professional approach. She is so knowledgeable in many areas and I have learned not only a great deal about myself but also about life through my time with her.”

Wellness and Research Consultant




testimonials life coach


“In the many years I have known Chrysa, I have found her to be a person of the highest personal values and integrity. Chrysa is extremely insightful and empathic, with an instinctive understanding of the human condition and the issues that affect individuals trying to find their place in our increasingly complex world. I feel extremely fortunate to have experienced the warmth, humanity and compassion that makes Chrysa such a special person.” 

John Karter.
Author and UKCP registered psychotherapist




A woman of powerful insight and emotional intelligence.

testimonials life coach


“Chrysa has been an unfailing source of hope and guidance over several years. I have turned to her when the going was tough and grown in strength and resilience with her encouragement. She has applauded my successes, commiserated with my failures, and somehow always seemed to understand from the inside out. I am full of gratitude
for her presence in my life.”






testimonials life coach


“I’m not the typical love coaching demographic. I’m male, in my 50s, and pretty set in my ways. But I found working with Chrysa easy from Day One. We talked not just about my past love life, but around every issue you can think of from work to my siblings to nutrition. I saw how every facet of my life impacts on relationships.
I’d seen a conventional shrink for 7 years to try and come to turns with the loss of my father when I was only 6 months old. Chrysa helped my come to terms with that loss more than the therapist ever had.
I just felt this emerging lightness every time we met, and while I shed a few tears I also shared some hysterical laughter.
I felt able to finally and fully say goodbye to past relationships, and to truly feel love for those ‘ex’s’,
with real compassion.
She held my hand as we crossed the bridge, and although I met a lot of challenges, I never felt like turning back.
It’s very early days to say, but something – or rather someone – has entered my life thanks to the work
I’ve done with Chrysa.
And Chrysa, I’d like to say three things: ‘Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.’”

James P.
Marketing agency director, London




testimonials life coach


“Chrysa is a uniquely gifted individual who has an exceptional interest in people. She brings an enormous amount of energy to both her personal and professional relationships; also love, compassion and empathy. She also understands the nature of human relationships, the importance of communication, community, social engagement, goal-setting and moving toward one’s dream. It has been a pleasure to have found not only a sounding board, but a new friend.”

David P France.



testimonials life coach


“I am a psychologist specialising in addictions and I refer clients having relationship issues to Chrysa because she has an innate ability to get straight to the key points and help improve their relationship with themselves and others.”

Brian M.
Psychologist, London



testimonials life coach


“I know Chrysa on a personal level. She is open minded, friendly and a non judgmental person. She is someone who makes you feel comfortable and puts your mind at ease. Her knowledge and experience helps you see things clearer. She helps you work out the issues and helps you to deal with them. She has a special gift to do this in a gentle direct way. I am very grateful to have meet paths with Chrysa and thank her for helping me thought the rough seas and into the light.”


Mary S.
Caregiver, London



testimonials life coach


“Chrysa’s support has been invaluable, she’s a rare person who helped me discover unexplored places of my soul.”


Mechanical Development Engineer, Switzerland




testimonials life coach


“I’d hit the big Four-Oh! and a friend recommended Chrysa. I went really for some relationship advice, some practical dating tips and a dose of therapy, but it ended up being all about me pursuing the working dream I’d never had the guts to fulfil.

I found myself looking forward to the meetings, and the incredibly happy energy she put into our interaction. She’s someone I’ll always come back to when a change of direction is needed.
And yes, dating life has entered a whole new dimension!”


Sandrine M.
Single Mum, financial services, Kent

You cannot help but feel uplifted spending time with her.

testimonials life coach


“During the time that I have known Chrysa, she had distinguished herself as a conscientious and devoted pioneer in her field and I especially admire her resolute desire to study and understand new theories and ideas.

As a friend, Chrysa is loyal, caring, empathetic, extremely trustworthy and is always ready to extend herself and to listen with humility and compassion.

When I have had perplexing situations in my love life, she has quickly been able to assess the situation and has then used her colossal pool of creative talent to apply and communicate solutions with ease and humour;her solutions are also astonishingly effective!

I have enormous respect for Chrysa and her commitment and passion for her work us evident. It is exciting to think she will be able to contribute to your development.”

Denise CP.
Financial Invest, London

testimonials life coach


“Empathy and Integrity are the two words that spring immediately to mind when I think of my good friend Chrysa. A woman of powerful insight and emotional intelligence.”

Cinematographer, London

testimonials life coach


“Chrysa is a warm, intuitive, charismatic soul who has a genuine desire to help people on their journey with themselves and to find the ideal relationship. She is easy to speak to and totally non judgemental. Her insights are thought-provoking and wise. You cannot help but feel uplifted spending time with her, as she shares her humour and unshakeable positive energy in abundance.”

Training Consultant, London

testimonials life coach


“I feel blessed to have this wonderful person in my life. Her bubbly energy, her caring nature, and her smile have been lifting me up in my most horrid days of my patent s illnesses, which followed my dad s recent passing away.

I have questioned my relationships with people, my partner, and myself, and Chrysa has unselfishly been there when I needed to have my hand held to make sense of what is going on.

And whether that is through meeting her at a zebra crossing in Chelsea or at a farmers market in Belgravia, or tnrough our Whatsapp messages, this lady has brightened and inspired my day each time!

Thank you for being in my life C!”

Sonia Palecek.
Pilates and Vitality Coach, London

testimonials life coach


“I have been lucky to know Chrysa, in the capacity of friend and mentor, for a few years now. Her ability to listen, understand and coach comes from her understanding of the human spirit, her love of different cultures and ultimately her interest and caring of each individual. Many of her clients come from word of mouth. That alone, is a
testament to her success.”

Lynne P.
Chicago U.S.A



testimonials life coach


“Chrysa helped me see that there opportunities and possibilities- she renewed my spirit and sense of hope for the future. Creating a mind-shift, regenerating and enhancing the world in which I exist. Thank you Chrysa.”

Dan S.
Coach, London


testimonials life coach

“Chrysa combines her life experience, learning and passion for people into a perfect blend that creates healing alchemy. I defy anyone to remain uninspired by Chrysa’s vibrancy, passion for life and piercing grasp of the essence of any given conflict or situation.”

Larisa VH.
Author, London

Chrysa combines her life experience, learning and passion for people into a perfect blend that creates healing alchemy.