How will it be?

Taking the first step to working with a coach is always daunting. But don’t let it be.

I’m down to earth, endlessly fascinated by other people (i.e.: you!), and eager to make your life better. I love the energy of relationships and I want to hear your story. 

So to start with, you just call or email me – all the details are on the contact page.

Then we start with a chemistry meeting (at no cost of course). I like to make that in a quiet café or hotel cafe near you, somewhere you feel really at ease, but we can do it on FaceTime, Zoom, the phone – whatever your chosen video or audio platform.

At this session, we discuss the coaching process, the cost, and it’s a chance for you to decide if you want to work with someone like me.

I’ll want to hear all about your life, your relationships, and most importantly your life dreams – what is your final desired destination?

This isn’t heavy “tell me about your childhood” therapy. It’s an energetic session just to help me find where you are right now.

I’m a life coach, yes, but think of me as a guide, a cheerleader, an emotional engineer (or enjoy-neer!)

I instinctively get ‘who you want to be’. More than that, I can help you get further than you ever thought you could go. Having someone who understands you – for real – is pure GOLD.

I also offer programs of ‘post-care’ after our programs finish, where you can keep in touch and we can monitor how The Relationship Bridge is helping you to negotiate the world.

Whatever the issue you have, the dream you can’t reach, the relationship you can’t find, you have to take action. If you keep doing the same thing, the results will never change. So make that move. Take a step towards The Relationship Bridge, a safe crossing from where you you used to be to where you want to be.

Having someone who understands you – for real – is pure GOLD.

Chrysa Koropouli.