Be your own superhero.









I love superheroes.

Wonder Woman. SpiderMan. SuperGirl. Batman. All of them.

I even carry a Wonder Woman Rope Of Truth around in my handbag, to remind me to always stay true to myself.

I believe that ordinary people can have superpowers. Just like Clark Kent or Diana Prince have.

Maybe not X-Ray vision (that’d be useful though) or the ability to leap tall buildings at a single bound, but profound and potent powers nonetheless.

I think as children we recognise our superpowers, but that as we grow older they become blunted or neglected. They become forgotten.

I’ll help you find your hidden superpowers, the talents that make up SuperYou or SpiderYou (depending on whether you’re a DC or Marvel fan!)

The Relationship Bridge process peels away the layers to uncover those powers – be they creative, intellectual, romantic or empathetic. And then use them as a force for good.

This is an engaging, revealing, fun programme that unleashes the power of the real YOU.