How to be single successfully.









Being single is often thought of as being a bad thing. That’s not how The Relationship Bridge sees it. Being single can be empowering. Compelling. Magical. Therapeutic. And so much more.

My How to be Single Successfully programme isn’t just about the realities of being single and the challenges of singledom. Rather it’s about embracing not being coupled up
and actually thriving.

We start with changing your attitude, and rewriting the coupled-up script you’ve been force-fed by every Hollywood RomCom in the last 30 years.

Being single is not about being alone. How can it be when the greatest and longest relationship you will have in your life is with yourself? And the thing is if you are single, to borrow from Michael Jackson, you are not alone.

The single population is growing 10 times as fast as the population, according to the Office for National Statistics. There are 16 million single men and women in the UK. More and more people are opting to be on their own – therefore the relationship with yourself becomes central to helping everything in your life function properly.

When we are alone – learning to love ourselves, trying to be committed to ourselves, working on feeling heartfelt joy daily – then both our demons and our inner diamonds break to the surface demanding to be confronted and acknowledged. When we do this work, and tend to our personal emotional gardens, everyone and everything around us benefits.

The Relationship Bridge’s foundations, the very pontoons that hold up the suspension bridge, are found in the old but wonderfully true adage that “You can’t love anyone unless and
until you love yourself”.

The truth is that – counter to all our intuitions – one of the most effective ways of finding a new love is to utterly accept that being single can be quite wonderful.

Because when you really love yourself, and you are a successful single, you will meet someone equally at home and at peace with themselves. Bingo!

Quite why this isn’t more commonly espoused is a mystery to me – like the Law Of Attraction it’s one of those immutable universal truths.

When you’re really comfortable flying solo, living your own dreams and making your own choices – you suddenly take on a whole new level of attractiveness – there’s a confidence and an aura that the happy singleton exudes.

And when you when you really fall in love with yourself, you’re
far more likely to find someone else.