I. Am. Done. Be a Spartan.









As you may now know, I’m Greek.

But I’m not just Greek. I’m Spartan.

So while I’m proud clients see me as woman who is an empath, a bringer of joy, a friend, I also have a layer of Spartan steel.

We all remember the story of the 300 Spartans standing against the might of the Persians. Gerard Butler fans will remember the film. I think to survive in the unreletingly crazy world we’re in right now, you need a coach who has the softness to empathise, but also has the steel, steel that can be shared.

I think we all sometimes need to channel our inner Spartan.

Particularly when it comes to leaving something behind: Sugar. Alcohol. Self-damaging behaviour. Partners who give nothing back.

Most of the time, I find an approach based on love and zero judgement conquers all. But sometimes, the Spartan needs to be deployed.

You need to be able to say “I. Am. Done.” And it needs to be final.

I’ve dipped into my heritage and adapted the Spartan approach to the world of now. If you want to make a radical and sudden change, it can be a very powerful tool.