How to stay a Woman.










   Deep inside we know how to be a woman. And stay a woman.

  This is despite all the new social, political, economic and spiritual upheaval going on around us.

So how do we do this?

 The answer is we need to get in touch with the magical us: the Sacred Feminine. The Goddess Inside. The Amazon. Wonder Woman. Call her what you will. It’s the ancient archetype of the original strong, resourceful powerful woman before she got compromised: botoxed, bimboed and blunted.

 Hundreds of years of Western Civilisation has made us forget how to tap into
her and channel her.

 How do we traverse effortlessly through modern society using the information which every one of our ancestors contributed to? How do we assert ourselves, realise our dreams, and create our preferred reality, while still channelling our intrinsic femininity?

 This programme definitely isn’t about male-bashing or feminist supremacy.

Rather, it’s about loving yourself in all the different roles of your life: daughter, mother, sister, carer, provider, professional, CEO, intern, lover, wife, mistress, friend, bestie, superhero.

More than that, it’s about loving yourself as a woman THROUGH ALL THE STAGES OF LIFE. It’s about embracing those stages and fulfilling your purpose through them all.

And I mean all the stages, including the ones society doesn’t talk about: PMS, Pregnancy, Post-Pregnancy, Childbirth, Peri-Menopause (that always triggers a memory of Piri Piri  sauce, even  though I should not jest!), menopause, and old age. But to cheer things up we can also do what Salt-n-Pepa taught us: “Let’s talk about Sex!”

Finally, we can talk about thriving through the personal transitions we all encounter: loss to recovery to awakening to rebirth.

This programme is about giving you your sword and your shield but getting you into a position in your life where you don’t need to use them. It’s giving you the inner strength – strength that’s been there through the ages but needs to be unlocked – in order to let in the
beauty from outside.

 You become intimate and interactive, you become a woman of deep substance.

Lady, it’s time to thrive. And stay a woman.