Emotional Samsonite.









We all have emotional baggage. If someone in a dating app says they ‘have no emotional baggage’, they’re kidding themselves.

Our backgrounds, our parents, our families, our fears and phobias, our past relationships, our religion, our career path, our story – there are so many factors.

I confess, I used to think in terms of cutting loose the huge and bulging suitcase I dragged behind me as emotional baggage, and letting it drop off the nearest cliff.

But that’s not realistic; it’s not possible. Our past is part of us, love it or loathe it.

What I do is suggest to clients with heavy baggage is that they change cases. We visualise a smaller case, an aircraft-friendly one that can go in the overhead locker. And of course it’s got to be a Samsonite, because you travel only with the best!

Then you and I set about packing this little wonder.

Like Marie Kondo sorting out a messy home, we go through your emotional baggage and repack it. We refine your stuff, concentrating on only the things you really need for the journey.

Editing your baggage is a process of transcending the past, metamorphosising the present, and being receptive to a new future – but it’s really exciting. We fold and curl and smooth and take control of all your life story. We arrange it so it’s packed, contained, utterly under your control.

Our new Samsonite is of course a four-wheel spinner, so it slides easily next to us as we travel, and we feel the joy of moving effortlessly. Life is easier. Life is abundant. Life is good.

Join me on repacking your past. No more heavy baggage.