I’ll be your break up buddy.









Breaking up is so very hard to do, said that old song, and it was/is so very true. We are culturally hardwired to be in a couple, our partner becomes our daily reality, and so surviving a relationship break-up is beyond traumatic.

If you got dumped (sorry to be brutal), your whole self-esteem feels in the dumpster. If you forced the break, if you ended it, it’s also only human to feel spectacularly rubbish, unless your partner was an absolute pariah.

But a break-up doesn’t have to be a breakdown. It can be a breakthrough.

Hire me as Your Break-Up Buddy: a supportive, motivational cheerleader, genie and mentor who’ll make you learn to love yourself again, and get rid of that numbing pain.

I’ll help you through the trauma, and nudge you towards a point where you can start celebrating life again. It’s not an overnight process, but not having to face things on your own will speed things up no end.

I’ll work with you over a period of weeks to show how to go from HeartBroken to HeartHealed in a quicker, more effective way.

I’ll help you avoid ghosting, gaslighting and other ghastly scenarios.

 I’ll also help you avoid familiar post-breakup syndromes like The Rebound, where you repeat the previous relationship with someone similar too soon. Or even worse, Cliff-Jumping, where you move in with a new partner too quickly and commit totally before you are both ready.

Ultimately this just leads to a repetition of the break-up pain and it’s a big mistake I can help you avoid.

I’ll help you get beyond the break up by realigning yourself with your authentic self. I’ll help you break free.