Your career: Living your Brand.









Have you ever met a work colleague that could fly so much higher in their career if they knew what they had – or if they could package their own special genius so that others could see it? I certainly have.

Or the small business owner who in private is hilarious and compelling, but in their business life projects a scaredy-cat essence and fall far short of their potential?

In both these cases, the person has failed to conceive and project a personal brand with a strong way of talking, acting, and behaving that is utterly unique to them.

But should a human being want to be a brand like Nike or Apple – isn’t that a bit calculating?

I think not at all – it’s just about making the very very best of yourself in
a professional situation.

If you look at Barack Obama and read his book ‘The Audacity Of Hope’ (what a wonderful title!) it’s obvious he had conceived exactly the brand that would be required to become the first Black President: a brand that was measured, urbane, inspiring, statesmanlike, intelligent and caring. And every now and then, very funny. He knew exactly who he was going to be and how he was going to get there from Day One. He was and is a brand.

In this programme, you and I can embark on a Personal Brand Workshop, where we examine all the different facets of your life and personality, and what your brand could look like.

We hone that brand and polish it until it shines, and then we work out strategies for how to deploy your brand in your career.

If you work in a company, we’ll look at all the different challenges and opportunities you face at work, and then create an action plan to overcome the challenges and
maximise the opportunities.

If you’re an entrepreneur we can work on both your personal brand and that of the company – quite often they are one and the same. (Richard Branson springs to mind).

A strong personal brand is an authentic portrayal of your essence, so that the world completely ‘gets’ what you have to offer. It can take you to a completely different level of opportunity. Why would you settle for anything less?