E.I. in the age of A.I.: Career Coaching.









We’ve all got smart phones. But we’re often not very smart people.

We fixate on the things that don’t matter, and ignore the things that do.

It can be easy to lose touch with our emotional intelligence, our E.I. Which is not good news for our careers.

Emotional Intelligence has always been important. But it is more important than ever in the age of A.I: Artificial Intelligence.

In the next few years – much quicker than we all think – A.I. is going to completely transform the employment landscape. Driverless cars and workplace robots are just the foothills. The next two decades will mean a complete paradigm shift in how we work, and indeed if we work.

Those that thrive in this new landscape will be those that develop powerful Emotional Intelligence – the kind of deep human to human understanding that we recognise in others but can’t always bring to the front in ourselves.

Real emotional intelligence can transform your career.

You become aware of the real energies at play in your office. You see the powerplays and politics. And you know how to glide over them.

To others, you acquire power, because they see someone serene, non-judgemental and totally in control of their emotions. But still very human.

In a robotic A.I. world, those human qualities, that Emotional Intelligence, will help you thrive.

Let me help take you to E.I. in the age of A.I.

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