How to be a man.









It’s never been more difficult to be a man.

The patriarchy in most western societies is on the way out – which I’m sure most of us would welcome – but the new paradigm of how a man should behave hasn’t really emerged.

#MeToo did a lot of good too, but again for men this and the feminist movement raised countless questions.

How should I act as a lover? A suitor? A father? A brother? A boss? A man?

How do you provide a positive image of masculinity in a feminist age?

I’m a great fan of Robert Ely’s classic book ‘Iron John’, which took the essence of a Brothers Grimm fairytale to show how men could find a positive masculinity by tapping into inner and forgotten depths.

I can help you navigate the new dating etiquette; find the right tone at the workplace; improve your relationship with the women in your life and family…yet all the while not neutralising your status as a man.

I do not understand why more people are not discussing this area right now, as it’s so important. We’re talking about half the world, right?

But working together, this program will help you regain control of How To Be A Man.