Trigger Free Living.









Many of us practise Sugar-Free Living. Or Gluten-Free Living. What we really need right now though is Trigger-Free Living.

We live in the age of being triggered.

Opinions are becoming more radical, on every side. Over-population and pollution in our cities are going through the roof. And social media gives an endless daily stream of triggers.

Content, sound, visual stimulus, opinion, technology… they’ve all gone from overdrive to warp speed. It’s not too much information, it’s too much EVERYTHING. Cue the triggers.

Modern life is prodding us, judging us, teasing us, tormenting our very souls. Triggers are everywhere.

It’s literally driving some of us mad. Have you noticed and triggers of your own?

I can help you to trigger-free living though.

The more you look after yourself, or practice ‘self-care’ as I call it, the more you become captain of your own ship, the more you become a deliberate creator, the less the world will trigger you.

Let’s create a roadmap out of triggered living into Trigger-Free Living.