Jumping the curve.









Have you ever noticed that life seems to go in phases? Things get good, maybe they get great, you’re at the top of your game, and then you seem to slide back down again.

Just at the moment of success, you go hurtling down the other side of the curve. We’ve all done it.

 I thought a lot about successful people I know. (And when I mean successful, I don’t just mean millionaires or billionaires – I mean well-rounded dudes and dudesses who have positive relationships, live in joy and give back to society.)


The common denominator seemed to be that when they reach the top of the curve in their lives, they then gather the resources to jump to the next upward curve.

 As one says in the corporate world, they jumped the curve. Take a look at the diagram. 



On the left, your life is on an upward curve. You reach the top. Maybe you get a promotion, complete a project, find an amazing partner. Hooray, celebrate: but then don’t sit on your laurels and stagnate – or you’ll fall back down the right side of the curve.

Instead, at the top of the curve, you put in the work that allows you to make the jump – that dotted line that leads to the next upward curve.

Making that perfect leap takes work and preparation, it doesn’t just happen.

First you have to align yourself and more than that, love yourself. (I’m not talking narcissism, I’m talking nurturing and loving the incredible person you are). Then you need to get right in touch with your heart’s desire and your soul’s needs. Where is that next curve you’re jumping to? What are you going to achieve? What does it feel and look like? And why are you doing it?

To jump the curve you need to travel light:

Make sure you leave your ego behind. Let go of the people that don’t make you feel great – no excess baggage required. And eat and exercise right, like an athlete training for a personal best.

If you’ve done all the hard work, jumping the curve becomes effortless.

It just takes some hard work, dedication and love.


With this programme, I’ll give you the precise tools you need to vault to the next amazing phase in your life.


Together, we’ll jump that curve.